Visa & Immigration

Need China working visa? please let us help. Fullhome has supported our corporate client with their foreign employees of obtaining work permits and residents permits for the last decade. Our in-house immigration team together with our destination service consultants make every step of your relocation process smooth and efficient. Fullhome owns a record of 10 years zero-mistake in our service history. Send us a enquiry ask for the latest process map for immigration, to have a better understanding when to do what in whole process. we will guide you step by step until you are well settled. Our visa and immigration service include:

  • Accompanied health check
  • Document preparation and translation
  • Accompanied interview at immigration office
  • Application and submission for work permit
  • Application and submission for Residence permit
  • Work permit renewal
  • Residence permit renewal
  • Work permit modification
  • Process tracking and administration


We understand that agreeing to accept a oversea assignment is a big decision for any family. Our Area Tours are a great way to familiarize assignees with a new city and to answer some of their immediate concerns. The program is fully customized to the assignees’ requirements. Our Orientation includes:

  • Insight into host-country culture
  • Information about neighborhoods and public transportation
  • A proposal of pre-selected housing options which best suit the needs
  • Viewings of sample accommodation
  • School information
  • Information about healthcare and emergency services
  • Location of places of worship
  • Advice about leisure activities and hobbies
  • Shopping advice

Short-Term Housing

Whether you are on a short-term projects or you need a place to stay until the permanent home is available. We are able to provide you just fit your needs of finding your a comfortable and accommodation starts with one month. Our consultants know the best offers and have good experience for finding just the right temporary accommodation equipped with living essentials ready to move in.

Home Finding

Accompanies service are always be conducted with a bilingual local consultant and ready to answer any of the questions with an in-depth local knowledge. In a multiple listings system market , our professional property consultants who understands the local property market can your invaluable resource. Finding a place to live is near the top of the list of priorities for every expat and their family.Our in-house property consultant team owns rich knowledge of the leasing market, and are able to rapidly respond to any request of proposals and to bring up the best advice. Our Consultants gather all the information they need about you and your families and use it to provide plenty of sound advice. you can be confident that they are getting in-depth information which is completely tailored to your needs for you to have confidence to make critical decisions.

  • information about neighborhoods and housing options
  • Accompanies home search and terms advising
  • Rental pricing information including utility costs estimation
  • Needs assessment and consultation
  • Lease negotiation
  • Corporate and individual leases
  • Utility connection and inventory check-in

Settling-In Service

Our relocation consultant will provide details on the area, culture, local practices, and laws. We also provide you useful tools to get tips about utility and internet hookups and cost, bank account opening and sim card package. How to use mobile phone app to order a taxi, Apps which can guide you to use metro line. Or use our utility costs estimation tool to have a rough idea how much will be in your future home. The overview and material will include, but is not limited to, commuter options, traffic times, schools, security, recreation options, utilities, and local registration practices.

  • Car leasing or purchasing
  • Hospitals and emergency services
  • Furniture rental
  • Places of worship
  • mobile phone and internet connection
  • Opening a bank account
  • Local health care providers
  • Childcare resources
  • Schools
  • Government compliance and regulations
  • Local services including council, utilities, parking and registrations
  • Public transport systems
  • Household help

Educational Assistances

As assignee are moving with school age children, the schools always comes on top of the relocation checking list. We designed a school map on our website to enable you to combine all essential information connect to schools. Our educational assistance Service includes information about:

  • Highlighted suggestions chosen from needs analysis
  • Customized briefing on the schools
  • Current availability
  • Location analyses in relation to office, home, and areas of interest
  • Booking for school appointments with admissions office, Accompaniment on school visits
  • Follow-up with registration process and waiting list status

Tenancy Service

Our Tenancy Management Service covers:

  • Lease renewals
  • Rent payments
  • Communication between the landlord and tenant
  • Negotiation of terms
  • Document coordination
  • Property inspections and reports
  • Management and coordination of repairs and maintenance

Departure Service

When the assignment is over, there’s just as much to do as there was when it began. Making our Departure Services an integral part of your assignee’s experience means the employee can remain focused on their job right up to their last day. Our Consultant will work out a departure timeline which includes lease termination, deposit return and dealing with any claims of damage to the property.

  • Inform landlord with written notice for lease termination
  • Confirm checking-out appointment
  • Prepare all documents including furniture inventory list/handover check-out record
  • Settle an early termination agreement with tenant and landlord signed by both parties and Deposit negotiation with landlord in case of early termination
  • Coordinate cancellation of club memberships
  • Arrange hotel for temporary accommodation until date of departure
  • Assist with deregistration with local authorities
  • Coordinate disconnection of utilities, phone, cable, etc.(advise if expat must do themselves)
  • Coordinate final bill payments
  • Conduct the check-out inspection and handover / fill-in all documents
  • Filing all check-out documents and photos as record
  • Deposit Retrieval