Corporate Relocation Services

Relocating is never easy, especially when you are moving far away from friends, family and familiar surroundings. With FULLHOME, you can relax; we are well acquainted with expatriates\' working and living style. Our expertise guarantees that you will get the best service available. Our multilingual expatriate staff will make your relocation process smooth and cohesive. Our Residential department provides efficient and personalized service for all your residential needs. With an extensive database of all the cities\' prime properties and multilingual, experienced negotiators, we\'ll ensure you receive unyielding support for your residential solutions. Our professional maintenance service will relieve you from all kinds of headaches as well.

Initial contact, support and prepareation


While the customer is still in their home country, the virtual pre-arrival support starts. We send an enquiry form to the customer in order to obtain all the necessary information. We also provide the customer with information about China, the relocation city, as well as property information. The customer obtains this information via email, website link, EMS, telephone and face to face meetings. These communication links provide us with the opportunity to obtain essential information about the requirements of the customer and thus enabling us to prepare a pleasant relocation trip. 

Orientation service

City orientation including such places as: Shopping: Supermarket, Wet market, clothing market, Silk market, Department store, Furniture store, Antique furniture Shop Curtain shop, Delicatessen, Western food shop, Flower market, Shopping center... Health Care: ports facilities, Health club, Hospitals, Dental clinics, Vet clinic...
Other areas of Interest: Bank, Post office, Restaurant, Bars, Art Gallery, Museum, religious place, Language School, Subway line, Sight seeing places...
Hotel reservation and Airport/hotel pick up will also be provided if needed. 
Present FULLHOME will present each customer a Welcome package with Brief survival information. A School/kindergarten tour will be organized and accompanied 

Home search & lease negotiation


FULLHOME standard brokerage service list
Pre-consultation with client 
Supply property information 
Outline short list of possible properties based on client\'s criteria 
Establish recommended options after evaluating customer\'s criteria 
Tailor made proposal with pre-selected accommodation options 
Well scheduled house hunting tour
Professional opinion on property suitability and quality 
Consultation on schools and hospitals and transport routes. 
Floor plans and photographs of requested properties 
Backup list of accommodation alternatives if required 
Negotiate best possible terms 
Issue an Offer Letter list the discussed terms to owner and tenants
Provide professional lease contract preparation 

Settling service


Pre-handover inspection of furnishing, cleaning status, electrical, gas, water supply
Airport pick-up
Assist pet airport quarantine inspection at airport CIQ
Accompany purchasing and bargaining for furniture, curtain and lamps 
Furniture delivering arrangement, curtain installation arrangement
Prepare the inventory list after new furniture delivered.
Pre-fill the refrigerator with food and drinks for the newly arrived family 
Handover day, on-site recording of electricity, gas, and water supply meters on handover check-in list
Inspection and inventory of furniture and electrical appliance, 
Accompany registration to the local police station, obtain temporary residence permit, 
Pet registration,
Handover Welcome Card with 24H hotline and account manager contacts
Introduce a maid, driver and language tutor 

Departure service


Inform landlord with written notice
Confirm checking-out appointment
Prepare all documents including furniture inventory list/handover check-out list 
Settle an early termination agreement with tenant and landlord signed by both parties and Deposit negotiation with landlord in case of early termination 
Coordinate cancellation of club memberships
Arrange hotel for temporary accommodation until date of departure
Assist with deregistration with local authorities
Coordinate disconnection of utilities, phone, cable, etc.(advise if expat must do themselves)
Coordinate final bill payments 
Conduct the check-out inspection and handover / fill-in all documents
Filing all check-out documents and photos as legal support in case of distributes arises 
Deposit Retrieval

Tenancy management


Provide assistance with questions about tenancy related issues (during business hours)
Organize repairs with landlord or own network of suppliers.
Schedule and coordinate Maintenance
Lease extension or renewal service
24 hotline service 

Contract Management

FULLHOME contract management ensures all legal documents are attached to the lease contract, reducing the legal risk. With each signed contract, 6 standard documents are included. FULLHOME will keep a copy of the complete contract documents package as backup for our customers. 
During the entire tenancy period, all written communication between landlord and tenant relating to maintenance or terminations will be attached to the contract package.
A Contract Check List which includes the key factors such as name of tenant and landlord, rental/lease terms and payment structure, early termination clause and extension status will be provided,All documents sent to you has to be examined and signed by our contract management supervisor and Key account manager. 
Advise you of current market rates and advise for extension conditions 
Inform landlord about extension intention, re-negotiate the terms
Issue renew offer letter and get confirmation
Stipulate lease contract according to signed offer letter
Deposit negotiation replace with corporate guarantee if needed. 

Payment Management

The rental payment to hundreds of landlords is a big headache to our customers. Checking, Signing and chopping on piles of payment application forms and debit notes every month consumes lots of time and energy of Administrative and finance department. With FULLHOME Payment management service your burden will be released immediately.
We will establish rent payment system for all lease contracts
We will Issue payment invoice and official tax receipt to you
We will transfer On-time rent payment to respective landlords accurately
Entrusting letter (is a legal document which ensures the legal duties of landlord, FULLHOME and you) reduce your legal risk 

Value added Services

With so many years of real estate experience, we have established a solid database containing all the information that expatriates may need during their stay in China and this information will be available upon request.Besides the real estate service, a valued package of additional services will be provided free of charge to our clients from our accounts to reduce your administrative load 
Medical check-up
Work Permit
Residence permit
Driving license
Bank Accounts
Assistance with Pet Importation Process 
Dog registration
Information of Culture and Language courses
Introducing a maid, a driver
Obtaining a mobile phone SIM card
Recommendation of travel agencies 
Ticket booking
Taxi booking service
And much more, just name it......
Consultaion services 
FULLHOME consultation service includes FULLHOME quarterly residential market report, tailor made housing policy plan and market value evaluation.
The quarterly report and house policy survey helps you have better understanding of real estate market and support your decision of budgeting.
Our customized housing policy proposal enables you combine cost saving, damage control and systemize the internal procedure.
Our market value evaluation service enables you implement your procurement guidelines and avoiding pay over value on your purchase..,