Corporate leaders are flocking to Beijing, the capital and political center of China. Being the fulcrum of the largest and fastest growing market in the world, Beijing is constantly developing, meanwhile pristinely maintaining and displaying some of the world’s longest standing and most impressive relics. Beijing is in the midst of exciting preparations to host the 2008 Olympics as well, drawing even more world attention to this flourishing city. Beijing is a place where China’s past, present and future superbly coexist. In the center of the city a visitor can experience the magnificent Forbidden Palace, the political center of old china, then walk across the street to Tiananmen Square, the dignified political center of modern China. Scattered throughout the city are attractions such as The Beijing Hotel, which has hosted many international leaders over the years, the Summer Palace, and the Ming tombs. By taking a short trip outside the city, one can experience the awe inspiring, and aptly named, Great Wall of China--the only human-made structure that can be seen from space. Daily life in Beijing is the highest quality. Beyond the rich and enchanting cultural aspects of the city, its leisure and entertainment offerings are profuse, encompassing nightlife, shopping and athletics. Likewise, with an abundance of international schools, excellent public transportation, and a community that is bustling with activity, Beijing proves that it is not only a hot spot for businesses, but is also an ideal place for families. It would be difficult to find a city that is more multifaceted and inspiring than Beijing. Boasting every opportunity and modern amenity, this is a city that is truly vital to the modern economic and political world.

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